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Amazing Customer Blog
Amazing customer blogging about their experience with Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding. It was a great pleasure serving them with quality, comfort, and support on board their sailboat with a new marine mattress.
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ISPA EXPO Show 2014
This year Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding attended the ISPA Show in New Orleans, LA. The ISPA Show caters to the mattress manufacturing industry with many companies on display offering new products and innovation for a growing industry.

Florida Tampa RV Super Show 2014!
We are excited to participate once again at this years Tampa RV Super Show.
Comfort Custom Mattresses will be on display in the B-Building providing
mattress samples and RV mattress show specials for our customers.
Please feel free to stop by and visit us, you might just leave with a new
short queen mattress, RV king mattress, or bunk mattresses. We look
forward to seeing you there!

TAMPA RV SUPER SHOW @ Booths B316-B317
January 15th - 19th, 2014
Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Wed-Sat)  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Sun)
Location:  Florida State Fairgrounds
                 4800 US Highway 301 North
                 Tampa, FL 33610 

Amazing Customers
We love our customers and always appreciate any testimonials, reviews, & feedback. Thank you!

Google+ Page Reviews

"My husband and I drove to this business from Central Florida. We were greeted by the owner of the company and he showed us around his factory. We were so impressed by the selection of mattresses, sheets, mattress covers and men sewing the pieces. This company custom builds each mattress and our order consisted of a king latex mattress, two mattress pads, (2) 600 count bed sheet sets and we needed it shipped to Texas to be placed in our new motor coach. We received our order and have had nothing but great nights rest on the mattress. The sheets are absolutely divine and we love the fit on the mattress. The quality is second to none. We will be ordering additional sets of sheets. This company stands on its word and quality. I'll never buy another "store" mattress. This company gets my business from now on. Why go anywhere else and deal with pressure from sales reps to buy something you really don't need. This owner was attentive and knew exactly what we were inquiring about. He explained the materials on the mattresses so we understood what we were purchasing. I am a lifetime customer." - Denny C.

"Very happy with my custom mattress for my boat. It was just as comfortable in my boat as in the showroom. It was also ready when promised, and delivered exactly when and as promised. They were always very responsive. A well run operation." - Tom S.

Come Visit Our Showroom & Factory!
Come visit us at our location in Fort Lauderdale, FL to try out our various mattress options to find the perfect one that suite your needs. While you are here, you can decide on what exactly is built in your mattress. Feel free to pre-build your own mattress and test various combinations to customize you own comfort level. Your mattress options include pocket coil, innerspring, memory foam, latex, and many combinations. As our valued customer, you will get to see firsthand where and how your mattress is constructed, witnessing the quality and craftsmanship of our mattresses. The experience of choosing every aspect of what materials is in your mattress is like no other. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward in serving quality, comfort, and support. 

Round Mattresses
More and more consumers today are becoming intrigued with the idea of owning a round mattress. Most people think purchasing a round mattress is very costly when in fact it is more affordable than you would think if you know where to look. The best way to choose a round mattress is by buying from a manufacturer directly. You will get factory direct prices, be able to choose what type of mattress you would like(foam vs. coil), and have the mattress customize to the size you need. Standard round mattresses can sometimes be too small or too big for your room and you will need a specific diameter. A manufacturer like ourselves will be able to make any custom size round mattress that you need in any type of material and thickness. As a mattress manufacturer, we take it a step further in service to our customers and we provide the round mattress base, headboard, custom sheets, & other custom bedding for your personalized round mattress. At Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding, you save more when you order the complete round mattress set including the mattress, base, and headboard with our package deals; not to mention FREE Shipping wihtin the U.S.

One of our bestsellers to date have been our Ultimate Mattress. The mattress combines the best of both materials in the mattress industry, latex and memory foam. With this mattress, you will get the ultimate support, comfort, and quality. The lifespan of the Ultimate Mattress can exceed 20+ years making it a smart sleeping investment for the future. Many of our customers who test the Ultimate Mattress sample on our showroom floor instantly fall in love. Our clients not only choose the Ultimate Mattress for their homes but also for their boat and/or RV. The Ultimate Mattress is highly recommended by our customers to their friends, family, and everyone else who is looking for that perfect nights sleep.

USCG Cutter Shackle
Once again, we have had the honor of providing marine mattresses for the fine men and woman on board USCG Cutter Shackle. USCG Cutter Shackle provides maritime Homeland Security, aids to navigation, domestic ice breaking, search & rescue.

United States Coast Guard
Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding Inc. mattresses meets the United States Coast Guard requirements for the marine industry.

Miami Boat Show 2013
We would like to thank all of our customers who visit our showroom during the Miami Boat Show 2013 to take advantage of our boat show specials on yacht mattresses, boat mattresses, v-berth mattresses, bunk mattresses, & marine mattresses.

Florida Tampa RV Super Show 2013!
We are excited to participate this year at the Tampa RV Super Show.
Comfort Custom Mattresses will be on display in the B-Building providing
mattress samples and RV mattress show specials for our customers.
Please feel free to stop by and visit us, you might just leave with a new
short queen mattress, RV king mattress, or bunk mattresses. We look
forward to seeing you there!

January 16 - 20, 2013
Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Wed-Sat)  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Sun)
Location:  Florida State Fairgrounds
                 4800 US Highway 301 North
                 Tampa, FL 33610 

Buy your mattress from a custom mattress manufacturer!
When buying a new mattress whether it's for your home, yacht, boat, RV, or etc., it is best to buy from a custom mattress manufacturer. The manufacturer produces your mattress one at a time to suit your comfort level and needs compared to the big mattress companies who mass produce their mattresses and cut corners. Not everyone sleeps comfortably on the same mattress, so why would you want a mattress that is made the same for everyone from a company who treats everyone’s needs the same? A custom mattress manufacturer uses higher grade quality of materials to tailor and handcraft your mattress. With quality, you get a mattress that last longer and provides comfort. Also, you have more options to choose from and you are able to customize your mattress for both you and your partner. You can choose your comfort level ranging from soft to firm on either side. Some of the available options at custom mattress manufacturers today are innerspring, pocket coil, high density foam, memory foam, & latex. Your mattress can be customized to your needs built inside to out by selecting the type of mattress, size, shape, height, comfort, & even the cover of the mattress from a custom mattress manufacturer.

Invest in a good nights' rest - "Ultimate Mattress"
100% Natural Latex Core w/ Memory Foam Top COMBINED!  NO Flipping. NO tossing. NO turning.
We have combined two of the best materials to create the "Ultimate Mattress" - 100% natural latex and memory foam. With this mattress, you get the best of both mattresses. Latex mattresses is made of natural rubber in a Talalay process, which makes the mattress resilient and durable, while providing orthopedic support and pressure relief that you need. In addition, latex does not break down; it supports your body longer, and is hypo-allergenic.   Memory foam mattress provides maximum comfort that you desire as well as contouring to your body shape, weight, and sleeping position, while relieving pressure points and pain. Both materials have the longest longevity compared to other mattresses. This mattress will eliminate sleep disruptive motion transfer and is temperature controlled (cool in the summer and warm in the winter). As you apply weight onto the mattress, it results in pure comfort, luxury, & support. The "Ultimate Mattress" has a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

   Ideal for allergy sufferers; Talalay latex is hypoallergenic and breathable

   Optimal orthopedic support; naturally conforming to body contours

   Luxurious resilience and feel

   Resistance to moisture and heat

   Maximum pressure relief

   Elimination of sleep disturbing motion transfers

Mattresses: Fire Resistant & Flame Retardant Safety
Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding Inc. mattresses meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) federal flammability standard, also known as 16 CFR 1633. Our mattresses have passed the 16 CFR 1633 test due to durable fabric, fire-retardant materials, and our craftsmanship. This requirement limits the spread and intensity of a mattress fire and provides duration, which will give people more time to escape from their home. This federal flammability standard saves lives, prevents injuries, and reduces property destruction. The federal fire safety standard for mattresses may prevent over 250 deaths per year and over 1,000 injuries per year with a performance standard that limits the heat release in a mattress fire. The mandatory standard is designed to reduce the severity of mattress fires ignited by open flame sources such as candles, matches, lighters, etc. Mattresses that meet this standard will add an important layer of fire safety protection to their home and saves lives.

New Marine Mattresses for NOAA's "Oregon II"
We have had the special privilege in replacing all the mattresses on board NOAA's "Oregon II". This NOAA ship has been in service for over 40 years and carries out the duties of fishery and living marine resource studies and research for the National Marine Fisheries Service. The "Oregon II" is regularly located in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. These mattresses are essential for the researchers, marine biologists, and crew on marine vessels while they are out at sea for long periods of time.

Mattresses for Alaska's Patrol Vessel "Enforcer"
We have recently had the honor of providing bunk mattresses for the crew of Alaska's patrol vessel "Enforcer". Patrol vessels monitor the waters around Alaska, providing safety and protecting natural resources and wildlife. We can only imagine how long they patrol out at sea; therefore the crew needs a good night’s rest. We gladly manufactured bunk mattresses that will provide comfort and support for the crew.
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