Comfort Custom Mattresses

Manufacture custom mattresses in custom sizes and shapes for

RVs, yachts, boats, trucks, residential, antique beds, and more.
Highest quality in innerspring, high-density foam, memory foam, & 100% latex.

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RV Mattress, Camper Mattress, Trailer Mattress, Custom Mattress, Short Queen Mattress - Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding Inc.

With 30 years of experience in the mattress industry, we are one of the leading custom mattress manufacturers in South Florida and North America that makes and ship affordable custom mattresses for any make and model of RVs, motor homes, campers, trailers, pop up campers, truck sleepers, 5th wheelers, and more. Our mattresses are made at our factory in Fort Lauderdale, FL by skilled craftsmen from the highest quality of premium foam, innerspring, coils, 100% latex, and Visco memory foam. We will make you a quality mattress that will last and provide you with comfort, luxury, and support that you need for a perfect nights’ sleep. 

rv mattresses
Comfort Custom Mattreses 
&  Marine Bedding
rv mattresses
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Memory Foam
Ultimate Mattress
60 x 80

60 x 78

60 x 75 

60 x 74
60 x 72 

58 x 78 

72 x 80 

72 x 78 

70 x 80 

70 x 77

53 x 74

48 x 74

38 x 74

36 x 74

34 x 74

32 x 74

32 x 72
rv mattresses
rv mattresses
Short Queen Memory Foam
rv mattresses
 RV King Ultimate
rv mattresses
rv mattresses
comfort custom mattresses
RV King Memory Foam
rv mattress
rv short queen mattress
Ultimate Mattress
short queen mattress
Memory foam
Short Queen Mattress
rv mattress
Latex & Memory Foam
Memory Foam
rv mattress
rv mattress
rv mattress
rv mattress
Are you ready to replace that uncomfortable mattress that's in your RV?
rv mattress
Comfort Custom Mattresses & Marine Bedding Inc.
comfort custom mattresses
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