Ultimate Mattress
Ultimate Mattress
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  • Maximum Support
  • Sleeps Cool & Breathable
  • Maintains Body Alignment
  • Supportive Contouring
  • Longevity & Durability
  • Eliminates Motion Transfer
  • Pressure Points Relief
  • Comfort, Luxury, & Quality
  • No Tossing & No Turning
    Our Ultimate Mattress is our bestselling mattress to date across the MarineRV, & Residential mattress industry. We have created the perfect mattress that provides comfort, luxury, quality, & support. The Ultimate Mattress consists of the top two foam materials in the mattress industry which is cool gel memory foam and latex foam as well as our premium support foam. Cool gel memory foam provides a cool sleeping surface and contouring comfort while latex provides the maximum support due to the resilience of the latex foam core. As you apply weight to the mattress, the latex foam pushes back to keep your body aligned. Our Ultimate Mattress will not create any body impressions or indentations since it always returns back to its original surface and has a lifespan of approx. 20 years. Overall, our Ultimate Mattress is breathable and therefore the most ideal for the marine environment.
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